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We Do So Much More Than Just Help You Rent Properties

Why Use a Property Management Company?

Home Owners

Can't get your home sold?
Moving or living out of town but don't want to sell your home?
Want to keep your current home as an investment?

If you're considering renting out the home you own, consider the advantages of hiring a professional management company to assist you. REI offers:

  • Years of experience managing rental properties
  • Thorough knowledge of current landlord/tenant laws
  • Understanding of current rental market conditions
  • Established policies and procedures for managing tenant relations
  • Leases, applications and other documents that meet legal standards
  • Licensed real estate professionals
  • Specialized service. Property management is our full-time business -- we are not a real estate company that dabbles in a few rentals on the side!

We will do the complete job of getting your property rented, and we will continue to care for it and manage the relationship with your tenants. You get the financial benefits of owning your home, including potential tax advantages that may reduce your tax bill. We take the worry out of managing your property, leaving you to enjoy the rewards of real estate investing

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Real Estate Investors

Tired of the work it takes to manage your properties? Lacking experience in handling rentals? Not happy with your current management company?

We provide full-service management for your rental properties. Let us help get your property filled promptly with quality tenants. We'll take care of your rentals, leaving you free to pursue other business. Whether you own one or one hundred properties, we can help!

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