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At REI, we take pride in doing an exceptional job for our clients. Here is just a small sampling of the positive feedback we've received from our clients!

REI. Getting it done the right way

Dear REI:

I wanted to take a minute and thank you for your partnership over these past 12 months. I think it might be helpful to share some history of the past year to get an idea of just how far we have come.

In January of 2010 I assumed control of 23 properties that totaled 27 rental units. Every one of these homes was in disrepair and every one of these homes was either vacant or had tenants who would rather not pay rent and did not want to take care of the home. Over the course of the past 14 months REI has been delightful. If we fast forward to our current state, every home has been repaired and approved by the City of St. Paul, every home we have is rented and has a tenant that pays the rent AND also takes care of the home as if it was their own.

This was in no way an easy 14 months. There were many, many challenges along the way, but not once did I ever doubt REI's ability to get it done the right way! REI has been a savior to me in many ways.

Thank you very much and I am looking forward to many more great years of partnering with REI!


Scott G., St. Paul


Highly Recommended

I have been exceedingly pleased with the service I have received from REI. We recently had a tornado go through the neighborhood causing $25,000 of damage. The property manager took charge immediately, arranged for temporary repairs, and worked directly with my insurance company. Since I am out of state it is very important to me to work with an organization that I can trust to take care of my interests as well as those of the renters. I give REI my highest recommendation.

John M., Farmington

Knowledgeable and Personable Agents

We have been beyond pleased with the service we have received from REI. Renting out our home seemed like a scary and uncertain venture, but our agent at REI put us at ease in our first meeting and was far more knowledgeable and personable than any of the other competitors I met with. We had our property listed within days of our first meeting and a steady stream of showings. REI really helped us assess what type of renters we wanted and answered all of my questions quickly (and gave me information to questions I wouldn't have thought to ask)! Our experience has been nothing but positive and I would recommend REI to anyone. They really have your best interests in mind and take all of the stress out of renting your home!

Alissa T., Minneapolis

Confidence that your property is being cared for

We have used REI to manage our town house for over a year and a half. Since we live outside of Minnesota, we knew we had to find a company with which we could feel confident that our property was being well cared for. It is a comfort that they pre-screen possible tenants for us, they are available to answer any questions we have or our tenants may have, and appreciate the personal service that our agent has provided.

I have been using REI for two years and I have nothing but good things to say. It gives me great peace of mind to know that if something goes wrong at the rental property that REI will do the trouble shooting.
- Jennifer H., Bloomington

Bev and Dan, Eden Prairie

Stress free and easy

We have enjoyed stress-free months of having REI manage our rental property. As previous owners of rental property we know how time consuming and stressful it can be to be on top of all that can happen with the property. I appreciate the professional and timely manner that REI has provide us with information and solutions with our property problems.

Guntis K., Maple Grove

Responsive and Competent

Having relocated to Florida, REI has made the rental of my Minnesota condo unit stress-free and easy. They've done an excellent job keeping the unit occupied and rented at a very reasonable rate. I have used them for the past several years and they have exceeded all of my expectations as to responsiveness and competence. I can now rest assured that my property across the country is being managed responsibly and thoroughly by my REI agent.

Chris S., Farmington


10 Star Service

My husband and I recently decided to rent our home in Minnesota. Living in Australia, I realized I needed a company who would provide attention to detail, excellent processes and most importantly of all, appoint someone who would become directly responsible for client/renter relationships. After flying to Minnesota to select the best company to work through, I chose REI.

My experience has been 10 out of 10 so far. The property manager assigned to us excelled by having the property rented in less than 10 days from when it was listed, has been emailing daily with updates to keep me fully informed, and has taken customer service to a new level by helping me out with a couple of little tasks that I couldn't possibly do from Australia. I would highly recommend the REI team based on my experience.

Lynne A., White Bear Lake

Long distant partnerships that work

We have been using REI's services for three years now. It has been a really stress-free time for us. Our long-distance partnership has worked very well. Living in India , we have not had to worry about the management of our townhouse. REI's services have been extremely reliable and they have never failed us. Prompt action has been taken always to sort our any problems our tenants may have.

Warm Regards,
Prabha S., Bloomington

Keeping properties rented


I have used REI Property Management as my property manager since July 2008. My home was rented out in less than a month the first time. The subsequent rental was on the market for a little over a month and it was rented out again. Needless to say, REI makes it their goal to keep properties rented. I receive monthly statements and receipts of any repairs, a great benefit for me in keeping my books accurate. Most importantly, REI is very recipient to my any concerns and I have no problem reaching them. In fact, things run so smoothly I rarely have a reason to call them. I would recommend REI Management to anyone seeking a property manager for their property.

Norby C., Rosemount