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Snowbird Home Watch Service

If your home will be vacant or unattended for a length of time, you need a Home Watch service! What is Home Watch? To put it simply, it is a visual inspection of the home, looking for any obvious concerns. We'll take care of basic maintenance items that would cause problems if left undone during long absences or vacancies. Our greatest benefit to you – Peace of Mind!

What We Do

Our weekly visit to your home will include all of the following services:


  • Remove all flyers, newspapers, solicitations

  • Walk around entire exterior of house

  • Check for ice dams forming on roof

  • Verify that snow removal has been completed as expected

  • Verify that lawn mowing has been completed as expected

  • Pick up any stray trash in yard and dispose

  • Check all doors and windows for signs of weather damage or vandalism

  • Look for fallen trees and branches

  • Check outdoor faucets for leaks


  • Walk around entire interior of house

  • Check that all doors are locked; look for signs of forced entry

  • Check that all windows are locked; look for signs of forced entry

  • Check for signs of pest infestation

  • Run faucets and check for leaks

  • Inspect cabinets underneath faucets for leaks

  • Flush toilets, inspect for leaks

  • verify operation and temperature of refrigerators and freezers

  • smoke detectors – check and replace batteries as needed

  • carbon monoxide detectors – check and replace batteries as needed

  • timed security lights – replace bulbs as needed

  • verify setting and operation of heating and cooling

  • visual check for plumbing or water leaks on ceilings and floors

  • visual check of windows for excessive condensation or water collecting to reduce mold

  • change furnace filter every three months and change using filter provided by owner

  • ensure proper operation of sump pump

  • verify proper operation of security system

  • inspect mechanical room for any signs of leaks or inoperative equipment

  • inspect water softener for proper setting and operation

How Much Does It Cost?

We believe in keeping things simple! We charge $75 per weekly visit. (We do have a few extra optional services available for an extra charge.)

How Do I Get Started?

Contact us today for more information – fill out the form below or call us at 952-469-5880. Don't leave your vacant home unattended!

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