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We Do So Much More Than Just Help You Rent Properties

Considering Selling Your Property?

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We are a licensed real estate brokerage (MN license 20616875), meaning we can represent you in any type of real estate transaction. Our experienced agents can list your home for sale, as well as for rent.

We start by providing a free market analysis to determine the optimal current market price for selling your home, as well as renting it. We'll help you evaluate potential costs and proceeds from both options to help you make the best decision.

"Simultaneous Rent and Sell"

If you can't decide whether to rent or sell, we have a great option for you! We are able to simultaneously market your home for sale (including listing on MLS) while at the same time trying to find a renter for you. You can make the choice to take which ever comes first -- a renter or a buyer!

If you decide in the end to rent your home, we can provide full property management service for you. Acting as your landlord, we'll take care of all the details of caring for the tenant and property and send you your monthly rent proceeds.

"Rent Now, Sell Later"

If the current market sale price for your home is not what you need or want to get out of a sale, you may be a good candidate for our "Rent Now, Sell Later" program. In this case we will find a renter for you now, but continue monitoring market conditions so that we can get the home sold for you when market conditions are in your favor.

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