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We Do So Much More Than Just Help You Rent Properties

Description of our Services

Our experienced team will:

Advertise Your Rental

As a part of our service, we provide unlimited advertising of your listing on all the top paid and free rental Web sites, as well as on our own Web site,, which gets over 15,000 unique hits per month!

Take Inquiries from Potential Tenants

When potential tenants inquire about your property, we answer their questions, tell them more about the rental process, and if the tenant is interested and qualified, we'll schedule a showing.


Conduct Showings

Our professional agents will personally conduct all showings. We never allow unattended showings!

Process Rental Applications with a Thorough Background Check

We gather detailed personal information on all applicants and run a thorough background check process that includes:

  • Employment and income verification
  • Complete credit report with credit score
  • Nationwide criminal background check
  • Examination of public records (bankruptcy, judgments, collections, tax liens)
  • Previous landlord references

Living in India , we have not had to worry about the management of our townhouse. REI's services have been extremely reliable and they have never failed us. Prompt action has been taken always to sort our any problems our tenants may have.
- Prabha S. , Bloomington

Sign Lease with Tenants

We collect the security deposit and get the lease and supporting documents signed. Our comprehensive lease has been carefully drafted to provide maximum protection for our property owners.

Manage Tenant Move-in

We arrange the entire tenant move-in process, including:

  • Delivery of keys
  • Documenting the current property condition
  • Coordinating with the homeowner's association (if applicable).

Collect Monthly Rent and Pursue Overdue Payments

We collect rent from the tenants and send payment and a monthly statement to you. When tenants don't pay on time we will take whatever action is needed to pursue payment, including letters, phone calls and visits to the property. We also send the required annual Certificate of Rent Paid to tenants.


File Legal Actions Against Tenant if Needed and Manage Eviction Process

If it becomes necessary to evict tenants, we'll handle the legal process from start to finish. Often we are able to get tenants to enter into court-ordered repayment plans, resulting in recovery of unpaid rent.

Be a Point of Contact for Your Tenants

When your tenants need assistance, they can call our experienced property managers. Our answering service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for maintenance emergencies.


Arrange Maintenance Work

We will arrange service for any needed maintenance issues that arise. We can call on our extensive list of approved vendors, or use a vendor of your choosing. We can also work with any home warranty service you may have in place. We'll coordinate the work, keeping you informed at all times. We'll pay the bill and deduct reimbursement from rent proceeds.

Manage Tenant Move-out

We provide tenants with detailed instructions on how to clean and move out of a property. We will go through the written documentation collected at move-in to verify the property condition and determine any charges to the tenant's security deposit.

REI makes it their goal to keep properties rented. I receive monthly statements and receipts of any repairs, a great benefit for me in keeping my books accurate.
- Norby C., Rosemount

Provide Monthly Rent Payments and Financial Statements

Most of our owners enroll in direct deposit, allowing us to send rent funds directly to your bank account as soon as we have verified that payment from the tenant has cleared. For your records, we provide you with monthly and year-end statements of income and expenses.