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(1/24/18) Tight rental market! Rent prices are up this year, and there are not enough good homes to go around for all the renters looking. Its a challenging time to be a tenant, but great time to be a landlord!

(9/4/17) This is the time of year that sellers are getting nervous. The house was listed for sale all summer long, but did not sell. What to do now? If you don't *have* to sell you might take it off the market and wait for spring. But what if you DO need to sell? Renting is a great alternative for many homeowners. The market is flush with good renters, and there are fewer available rental homes. Contact us to get a free rental analysis and find out if perhaps renting your house is an even BETTER alternative to selling!

(12/11/16) Sellers PAYING at closing! We're seeing an unusual number of sales where sellers are losing money at closing. Rather than sell one of your greatest investments at a loss we encourage you to consider KEEPING the property and renting it -- turn it into a source of cash flow, and a long-term real asset. Contact us if you'd like help comparing numbers -- what will you get by selling now at a loss, compared to holding the property as a rental?

(10/3/16) If your house didn't sell over the summer months then its time to start thinking about renting as an alternative. Our agents can provide a free rental analysis to tell you how much rent to expect for your home. Let us help you determine if renting makes sense for you!

(11/2/15) Owners ask us if tenants are protected from eviction during the winter because of the "cold weather rule". The answer is "No" -- the "cold weather rule" relates to utility payments. If tenants fail to pay rent or break the lease during the winter they can still be legally evicted.


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