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Want to get start in real estate investing?
Interesting advice on getting started as a real estate investor

Thoughts on renting vs. buying a home
Is home ownership your American Dream?

Twin Cities home sales slowing
Cool November for home sales moves Twin Cities closer to buyer's market

Common myths about being a landlord
Debunking 6 common landlord myths

Why the housing recovery is falling short
Housing activity likely will continue to pull back this year, mostly due to a sluggish job market

How to get your house ready for renting
Important tips you NEED to know before listing your house for rent

Many housing markets stalling
Many housing markets remain stalled largely due to weak home purchase mortgage applications

Rent prices rising
Renters feel pinch as landlords raise rents again

US home prices rise at slowest rate in 13 months
Sale price of homes slows down

Shortage of rental properties in Dakota County
Vacancy rate in Dakota County near all-time low

Should you consider selling your home on a short sale?
The negative consequences of selling your home on a short sale

Tips for home buyers
Top 10 things you need to know when considering buying a house

Surprising drop in existing home sales
Pending home sales plunge, surprising economists

How smart landlords handle rentals
Tips from the experts

Dealing with charges to tenant's security deposit
What constitutes ordinary wear and tear?

One in 10 Twin Cities homeowners owe more than their house is worth
Slightly better than last year at this time

7 Reasons Rentals Are Rocking the Housing Market
More renters, fewer people buying homes

Booming rental market drives up rents and squeezes out renters
Renters face challenges as prices rise and new units go upscale

New home construction slows down dramatically
Rising interest rates drag down sales

Rental market continues to grow
Are renters here to stay? Experts say Yes

Accidental landlords discover benefits of renting their home
StarTribune article on the growing business of property management including interview with REI president Steve Rajavuori

Renting better than buying in the Twin Cities?
It depends on how long you will stay in the home

Great time to invest in a rental property
Low prices and low interest rates make this a great time to start as an investor

Shortage of listings available for buyers
Sales down for the first time in two years

Foreclosure activity falls slightly in Minnesota
But new filings are up 20% over last month

Could the housing recovery sputter to a halt?
Problems looming in the broader economy could roil this housing rally

Twin Cities home prices continue upward
Twin Cities home prices continue upward

Sales and prices up, but gain may be deceptively large
Existing home sales, prices, rise in July

Is your house worth less than what you owe?
Down But Not Out: Underwater Mortgages

With buyers scarce, rich renters will do
StarTribune article on rental of high-end homes including interview with REI president Steve Rajavuori

New American Dream is renting to get rich
Reuters article on advantages of renting

StarTribune article on housing future

More homeowners consider renting as an alternative when home doesn't sell
KARE-11 news report interview with REI Property Management president Steve Rajavuori

Twin Cities' area vacancies at record low
Minneapolis StarTribune interview with REI Property Management president Steve Rajavuori

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Real Estate and Property Management Blog

(5/21/15) Tight rental market! Rent prices are up this year, and there are not enough good homes to go around for all the renters looking. Its a challenging time to be a tenant, but great time to be a landlord!

(9/4/14) This is the time of year that sellers are getting nervous. The house was listed for sale all summer long, but did not sell. What to do now? If you don't *have* to sell you might take it off the market and wait for spring. But what if you DO need to sell? Renting is a great alternative for many homeowners. The market is flush with good renters, and there are fewer available rental homes. Contact us to get a free rental analysis and find out if perhaps renting your house is an even BETTER alternative to selling!

(12/11/13) Sellers PAYING at closing! We're seeing an unusual number of sales where sellers are losing money at closing. Rather than sell one of your greatest investments at a loss we encourage you to consider KEEPING the property and renting it -- turn it into a source of cash flow, and a long-term real asset. Contact us if you'd like help comparing numbers -- what will you get by selling now at a loss, compared to holding the property as a rental?

(10/3/13) If your house didn't sell over the summer months then its time to start thinking about renting as an alternative. Our agents can provide a free rental analysis to tell you how much rent to expect for your home. Let us help you determine if renting makes sense for you!

(8/5/13) The rental market continues to be very active -- over 400 rental applications processed so far this year!

(4/10/13) Strong spring sales market as buyers are returning to the marketplace. We are listing more homes for sale than ever before, and seeing good offers from buyers!

(12/14/12) Many renters still looking for a place to live -- we've processed 22 new applications already in December!

(11/2/12) Owners ask us if tenants are protected from eviction during the winter because of the "cold weather rule". The answer is "No" -- the "cold weather rule" relates to utility payments. If tenants fail to pay rent or break the lease during the winter they can still be legally evicted.

(7/18/12) Many homeowners are unsure how to begin the rental process. Contact us for a free rental analysis. We can tell you how much rent to expect for your home -- no charge or obligation!

(5/29/12) High-end housing is in high demand this summer. Houses renting for $2000 and above are renting within just a few weeks.

(5/14/12) We're seeing a shortage of single-family homes for rent in the suburbs. Multiple applications on almost every property.

(4/3/12) What a great time for real estate investors! We are seeing amazing deals on bank-owned foreclosure properties. For those who have some cash available for down payment, there is a huge inventory of potential rental properties to purchase. Cash flow can be great with these prices. Contact us to discuss available properties and for an analysis of potential rent price and cash flow.

(3/8/12) Many people are starting to think about renting in the summer. We recommend that advertising start at least two months before you want a tenant to move in to get the greatest exposure. Its really never too early to get started.

(11/23/11) Rental activity has continued at record paces throughout the fall. We have seen more new rental applications in November than in any previous year at this time.

(8/16/11) Wow -- the rental market in the Twin Cities has been HOT this summer! Properties are filling in record time, and we are seeing multiple applications on many properties. We are often asked if the rental market varies in certain parts of the Twin Cities. The answer is No -- we are seeing consistent activity throughout the metro area.

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