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We Do So Much More Than Just Help You Rent Properties

Compare us to the competition - Our features are top rated

Upfront charges None!   Reserves? Initiation fees?
Advertising fees None! Ever!   $95/month? Per ad? After a certain time?
Uses only licensed real estate agents Absolutely!   Perhaps for some functions, not for others...
One agent assigned to your property Always!   Many different people involved - some to show, some to manage, etc.
Covers the entire Twin Cities Entire 9-county area   Specialize in just their "home base"
Agents cover property near their home YES! We know the area   Agents may cover large area, not familiar with territory
Full-service real estate brokerage YES! We can serve buyers and sellers!   May be realtors dabbling in property management, or may be property management company that doesn't sell real estate...
Showings always conducted personally by agent Always!   Unattended showings, lockboxes, etc.
Lockboxes on vacant homes No!   Why do they do this?! Security risk
Upcharge for maintenance NEVER!   May add surcharge; may provide their own staff (making money on your repairs?)
Good rating with Better Business Bureau "A"   Are they even rated?
Tenant guarantee for six months (no extra charge) Yes!   If they offer a guarantee do they charge you for it?
Owner gets late fees Yes!   Do they keep the late fees?
Offers direct deposit for owners (no extra charge) Yes!   Do they charge you for offering a convenience?
Offers auto-withdrawl for tenants (no extra charge) Yes!   Do they charge tenants? May discourage timely payment
Out-of-pocket charge to owner for eviction None!   May require owner to front costs for court and legal fees
Handles all aspects of eviction Everything!   May require owner involvement, may charge extra for various services
Free market analysis of rent price Yes!   Do they charge a site visit or consultation fee?
Background check includes full credit report with score Yes!   Full report included?
Background check includes nationwide criminal check Yes!   May search limited database
Monthly and year-end statements for owners Yes!   How often do they send statements?
Online portal for owners Yes!   Do they have online access?
Online portal for tenants Yes!   Do they have online access?
24 x 7 x 365 availability for tenant calls Yes!   How do they handle calls after hours?
Able to list properties for sale as well as rent YES! We can serve buyers and sellers!   Do they really handle listings for sale?
Charge when property is vacant NO!We don't get paid until you do   Do they charge you even when no rent is being collected?
Send annual Certificate of Rent Paid to tenant Yes, at no charge to you   May require you to send form, or may charge you a fee for doing so
Extra charge for leases longer than 12 months None!   May charge significant extra fee for longer leases
Reserve required for maintenance None!   May require $500, percentage of rent, etc. - your money being held in escrow
Help you get rental license filed with city government Yes!   On your own...
Track utility bills to make sure tenants pay Yes! We make sure you won't get assessments to your taxes!   How do they handle making sure tenants pay their bills?